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Affordable Catamaran Sailing Vacations

The lenght in feet only tells part of the story .

Affordable catamaran sailing vacations

Because the catamaran style sailing yachts are still a very young designs, changes come quickly and drastic. Older designs have V shaped hulls and therefore less headroom in the cabins and smaller square footage.

In contrast to the more common “all inclusive” vacation packages, that consist of all meals and drinks on board and a full crew of captain and chef, some of these affordable catamaran sailing vacations offer a “captain only” package, where the guest are more involved in provisioning and cooking.

If you are on a tight buget and just want to have some fun in the sun, these catamarans are right for you. Some of them might be older, but still show the pride of their owners, who often operate them themselves. They will always show you a good time in the Islands.

These affordable catamaran sailing vacations are ideal for a couple or for a family with several children.



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