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More then 30 years sailing experience, all over the world.

We know boats….

since more the 30 years we have worked in the yacht charter business. Our own sailing experience in the Meditteranean, Canary Islands, an Atlantic crossing and a visit to most of the Caribbean Islands, including the Windward Islands and The Grenadines, give us a different perspective and a more in depth knowledge about the subject of yacht charters. Take advantage of our educated understanding and knowledge of the yachting community.

Let us reduce the confusion for you, walking you through the process step by step, asking you the right questions and suggesting options you may not have thought possible to ensure that you get the right yacht, with the right crew and facilities for your dream vacation.

We want to find for you the perfect match of yacht and crew and make your catamaran charter vacation a hassle free and flawless experience from the start to Finish.


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